SUPERINTENDENT: Gilbert Daniel Olivarez

What a wonderful journey: Mothers Day 1967 was the year our family started going to church, which my parents still attend. After high school graduation, I attended my school of choice (Latin American Bible Institute, El Paso, Texas) for spiritual fundamentals that formed my life theology and further hunger for godliness.

I married the love of my life in 1974 and we have three awesome children who are ordained and serve God as Missionaries and Pastors.  We also have one foster daughter who loves the Lord.

As education goes, I have been blessed to attend different schools to meet the different needs of the churches where I have pastored.

My calling and passion started while traveling with a gospel group with my father, two uncles and some very special friends. I have very fond memories of some very powerful church services where many people responded to the songs and the preaching of the gospel. For this reason, I became a youth pastor and then a senior pastor. I have been active in our awesome district since 1981, ordained in 1983.

Besides my love for ministry, I love to be outdoors.  I love to fish and hunt all year round. I love to be with my children and grandchildren.

I am honored to serve God, to serve you, and to serve with my children the wonderful kingdom of God. I walk on a road that someone built before me; I serve in a church I did not start, so I forcefully add on to the kingdom that those who follow may with expertise add to His Kingdom.

Until He Comes!

Gilbert D. Olivarez
7510 Sherman Street • Denver, CO 80221 • (720) 540-3183 •  gdolivarez.centraldistrict@gmail.com




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